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Self-propelled Berthoud Sprayers

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In keeping with Berthoud’s policy of intensive and ongoing R&D, the company has two new self-propelled sprayers on the market.

The Raptor 3240 and the Raptor 4240 are impressive machines with all of the latest spray technology one expects to find on up-to-date sprayers.
Liquid-cooled Deutz Diesel engines provide the power unit for both models. These are 6-cylinder, 180 CV (132kw), 6 l - TCD2012 L6 2V Tier 3 compliant power units. The engines are equipped with high-pressure fuel injection units and are turbocharged. The diesel tank holds 360L.
The chassis is a welded frame in square profiles. There are three pneumatic suspension units (two front and one rear) and four hydraulic shock absorbers. The rear axle oscillates. The mechanical compressor is fitted with a pneumatic air gun. The all-important ground clearance is 1.05m. The sprayers have mechanical variable wheel track from 1.80m to 2.40m with a 3.90m wheelbase.
The Raptor 3240 has a hydrostatic drive and variable delivery pump Rexroth (A4VG90+90 (HP3210). The machine has wheel drive with integrated dynamic brakes. Final wheel reduction by planet gear with front and rear reduction (ratio 32.1/1). It is equipped with high-speed drive wheel motors with variable cylinder capacity front and rear (from 20 to 55 cm3). The hydraulic differential lock operates front and rear axle and in addition there is an integrated hydro-mechanical diff-lock, front and rear.                                                                                                         For quick movement between fields and farms road speed is a healthy 40 km/h. Field speeds range from 16-22 km/h. with gear shift on the move. There is regulated speed control using Hydropilot and an automatic drive pedal.
The units have a built-in de-clutch system for the wheel motors and the four-wheel steering is electronically controlled with automatic wheel alignment. With four driving modes (Road - Field 2 WS/Field 4 WS - crab steering - rear slope corrector) there are plenty of options for various operating requirements.
The 3240 is fitted with a suspended pressurised panoramic cab with carbon filter and heating and an mp3 car radio.  Soundproofing is of a high standard and there is automatic air conditioning. Other notable cab features include electric rearview mirrors, a pneumatic swivel seat and a hydraulic folding ladder for cab access.
For controlling operations, the machine has a multifunction joystick. There is in-cab or outside control of engine revs as well as in-cab or outside control of the pump.                                                                     Ground clearance with the 4240 Raptor is a slightly more generous 1.10m. Again there is a slight difference in the mechanical variable wheel track of 1.80m to 2.25m. In keeping with its larger scale, the wheelbase is 4.45m.