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Ploughing 2018 Focus
Ploughing 2018 Focus
Firestone Maxi Traction
takes centre stage
Firestone o er a comprehensive
range of agricultural tyres to
Irish farmers for many di erent
applications but its Maxi
Traction tyre is very much
centre stage. Designed
for high and medium
horsepower tractors,
combines and harvesters,
Firestone Maxi Traction
comes with upgraded
load and speed indexes
and o ers farmers and
contractors excellent
traction, self-cleaning
and driving comfort. Its
unique design also provides
long tyre life and uniform
tread wear to users.
Initially Maxi Traction
concentrated on the bigger
sizes but in recent years
its range has expanded to
provide very comprehensive
size coverage with 65, 70, 75
and 85 series tyres now available.
With the launch of Maxi Traction 65,
Firestone extended the renowned Maxi Traction
tread pattern to the 65 series, for today's medium-
sized tractors. It joined Maxi Traction for large,
high horsepower machines and Maxi Traction
IF (Improved Flexion) for extra load capacity
and reduced soil compaction, under the same
Maxi Traction pattern umbrella. According to a
spokesperson at Firestone, the Firestone Maxi
Traction 65 tractor tyre, engineered with 11 per
cent deeper lugs than its predecessor, and o ers
a longer lasting tyre life while delivering high-level
performance throughout its entire life cycle. "The
Maxi Traction 65 also has wider lugs and wider
tyre width, providing a larger ground contact area
which extends its tyre life further. This economy is
carried onto the road where the tyre's longer lugs,
with larger lug overlap, increase wear resistance
on hard surfaces. Maxi Traction 65 is the fourth
generation of Firestone 65 series radial tyres for
general farming applications. Firestone R9000
was launched in 1997 followed by R9000 EVO
in 2001; both helped to expand the increasingly
popular mid-sized 65 series. In 2012 Firestone
introduced Performer 65 o ering a higher speed
rating. Maxi Traction 65 now raises performance
again in the 65 series size with a longer tyre
life and lower cost per hour. Bridgestone and
Firestone Agricultural Tyre Manager for Ireland,
Andrew Dowdall said: "The Firestone Maxi Traction
is a key product in our Firestone range with a
number of unique class leading applications.
Signifi cant research and development at our
European technical centre means it is optimised
for farming in European conditions and will
give very good results to Irish farmers."
Malone Farm Machinery is launching its
new line of trailed conditioner mowers at
the National Ploughing Championship in
Tullamore this year, featuring the Procut
2600c and the Procut 3000c, with 2.6m
and 3m cutting widths respectively.
Commenting on the launch, a
spokesperson explains: "Following the great
success of our 960c range Malone felt it
needed to modernize its range of trailed
mowers. Again using the successful comer
cutter bar and heavy duty comer gearboxes
and as well as walterscheid PTO shafts."
Running on 400/65R/15.5 BKT tyres,
the mowers feature: Left-hand drawbar;
semi swing Steele conditioner tyres;
grass defl ectors or with spreader vains
which come as standard; blades 2 per
disc 114mm long 7 disc on 3m cutter bar
and 6 disc on 2.6m cutter bar; 25mm
gears on both mowers; and Shearhub
protection on both mowers as standard.
Malone Farm
launches new line
Ploughing 2018
tread pattern to the 65 series, for today's medium-
sized tractors. It joined Maxi Traction for large,
tread pattern to the 65 series, for today's medium-
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