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The Lemken Karat

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The Lemken Karat three-beam intensive cultivator allows a lot of flexibility in soil cultivation.

It is as suited to shallow and medium-depth stubble cultivation as to topsoil seedbed preparation and mulch seeding, with many operators citing significant saving in capital and operating costs. Lemken has now launched a light transport carriage for the Karat offering farmers, whose tractors do not have sufficient lifting power, an inexpensive option to operate a folding machine with greater daily output. The issue of converting a mounted machine into a semi-mounted implement was the problem Lemken set out to solve. What has been developed is a lighter, more economical semi-mounted version of the Karat cultivator. Many customers need the greater working widths of large, semi-mounted implements, but not necessarily all of their other features. The result has been an entirely novel, light transport carriage. The working section is identical to that of mounted folding implements, and the distance between the rows of tines (70cm) is consequently shorter than in the heavy, semi-mounted cultivators (100cm). The transport axle lies behind the working section. The result is a light, inexpensive semi-mounted cultivator with basic standard features but with the main benefits of the Karat intensive cultivator. The new model features a quick-change system and offers a selection of seven different tines, allowing it to be adapted to very different conditions of use and working depths of 5-30cm. The Karat with light transport carriage (KTA) is available in working widths of 4m and 5m, making it a useful complement to the existing Karat range of mounted and heavy, semi-mounted implements. The new Karat cultivator model is available with or without overload protection.