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MUSCLE - Blackleg - Gas Gangrene
LIVER - Black Disease - Bacterial Redwater
BRAIN - Tetanus - Pulpy Kidney
GUT - Lamb dysentery - Diarrhoea
- Struck - Braxy
Protect for up to 12 months against 10 clostridial diseases
with 2 doses
IE/TV10/0215/0001 Mar
ch 2015
^ C. perfringens causes diarrhoea in cattle and sheep
* Where 2 doses are part of a primary vaccination and are administered 4 to 6 weeks apart as recommended by SPC.
Tribovax 10 Suspension for injection for cattle and sheep contains C. chauvoei whole culture, and the following toxoids:
C. perfringens type A (), C. perfringens type B & C (), C. perfringens type D (), C. novyi, C. septicum,
C. tetani, C. sordellii, C. haemolyticum.
Always read the package leafl et or SPC before use.
Prior to fi rst time use on a farm, it is strongly recommended that the advice of a veterinary practitioner is sought.
Withdrawal period: zero days. Legal category: LM
Use medicines responsibly.
For further information see SPC, contact prescriber or MSD Animal Health,
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