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Ploughing 2018 Focus
New Landini tractors to
make their debut appearance
A little over a year on since new distribution arrangements
for Landini tractors were put in place for Ireland, the Italian
marque will be back at The Ploughing again with a line-up
of tractors representing the broad performance span of the
range. At one end of the scale, a Landini 4-D Series tractor
is the simplest on display, coming from a line-up of three
models covering 70-88hp with a 12x12 speed transmission
for operators who are content with the simplest of power
units. A spokesperson for the company notes: "But the
4-D Series is also a thoroughly modern package using
components that ensure high levels of e ciency, reliability
and durability whether operating the cab or platform
versions." At the other end of the scale, the latest Landini
six-cylinder tractors, spanning 151hp to 225hp for grassland
and arable work, will make their fi rst appearance at The
Ploughing, represented by the 151hp 7-160 Robo-Six.
Built to the `mechanical' Active specifi cation, the
tractor on display like all models in this advanced
series has dual power electronics that bolster the
power and torque output when towing on the road
or driving mobile PTO-driven implements.
Between these two come two tractors representing
the middle ground one from the 70-107hp
Landini 4 Series, comprising six models for livestock
and grounds maintenance applications.
The bigger and more powerful 6-H tractor being
shown is another making its debut appearance at The
Ploughing. This is an all-new model that brings together
the transaxle of the 114-140hp Landini 6-H, a new
Deutz compact four-cylinder engine that results in a
shorter wheelbase for added manoeuvrability, and the
lower profi le cab of the Landini 4/5 Series tractors.
Call on the Landini stand staged by AgriArgo
UK & Ireland for all the details.
Award-winning McCormick
X6 VT-Drive tractor to feature
at The Ploughing
A tractor that won Europe-wide acclaim as winner of the
prestigious Tractor of the Year award will feature on the
McCormick exhibit stand at The Ploughing.
According to the company, the McCormick X6 VT-Drive is
a rarity among 114-140hp tractors in that it has a stepless
CVT transmission rather than the usual semi-powershift
gearbox. "That gives the tractor outstanding driving
characteristics and control versatility, with operators
simply selecting forward or reverse and using the
accelerator pedal or the console-mounted controller
to regulate ground speed," a spokesperson explained.
"This sort of technology is normally confi ned to more
powerful arable cropping tractors but in this application
it makes the McCormick X6 VT-Drive ideal for jobs on
livestock and mixed farms where optimum working speed
improves productivity and the quality of the work done."
The X6 VT-Drive will be one of four McCormick tractors
destined for The Ploughing; the others comprise the top
model in the new X7 P6-Drive series, a new mid-range
tractor the X6.45 combining a relatively low profi le
with plenty of power and performance, and an example of
the latest-spec X5 Series tractor.
Finally, McCormick distributor AgriArgo UK & Ireland
plans to show the latest-spec 107hp X5.45 tractor
as representative of a three-model line-up covering
99hp and 113hp with a choice of specifi cations and
transmission set-ups for yard and fi eld applications.
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Ploughing 2018
New Landini tractors to
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