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MAY 2018
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01/03/2017 12:17
Massey Ferguson highlights some of the key
features common to all models in the range.
A total of six versions are offered in the 140-
200hp (max) power bracket, with a choice of
Dyna-4, Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT transmissions.
At the same time, AGCO says its research
and development arm has, in recent years,
created a breed of super-efficient engines to
deliver the same power with four cylinders previously only
possible from six and using less fuel.
"Much work has also been devoted to achieving the
ideal power-to-weight ratio for these versatile machines,
widening the range of tasks that can be taken in their
stride. In addition, they have a lift capacity of no less than
9,600kg, with a maximum hydraulic flow of 190L/min,
which means that there are very few tasks that can't be
achieved with a MF 6700S tractor," a spokesperson said.
And so to the cab. There are now four options to choose
from to suit the needs of individuals and businesses
Essential, Essential Panoramic, Efficient and Exclusive.
Operational specification can be tailored precisely to
individual needs and preferences, from basic and simple
to highly automated and sophisticated, the manufacturer
says. "To refer to the Essential level of spec as basic does it
an injustice simplicity of use and ease of operation would
be more accurate as it has the versatility to apply power
and performance without being overly sophisticated. The
control centre has a T-handle transmission lever, brake-
to-neutral, air conditioning with manual adjustment and
mechanical control of the spool valves."
Conscious of the likely workload,
the manufacturer has incorporated a
comprehensive LED lighting package within this
spec level. "Clear and unobstructed visibility to
the whole of the right-hand side of the Essential
Panoramic cab is a major boost to the safety and
accuracy of operating side-mounted equipment,
such as for hedge-cutting and grass verge
mowing. A toughened, one-piece polycarbonate screen
ensures protection from flying debris, while an anti-scratch
coating and its own wash/wipe system maintains the clarity
of view." The Efficient spec allows choice between Dyna-6
or Dyna-VT transmissions and includes a new Command
Control armrest, together with both mechanical and
electronic spool valves. There's also a QuadLink front axle,
cruise speed control, brake to neutral, closed centre 110L/
min hydraulics, air conditioning with manual adjustment
and mechanical cab suspension.
Management of all the tractor's functions is also possible
with the Datatronic 4 system, while the logical progression,
for some, will be the new Fieldstar 5 terminal and the full
precision farming package that goes with it.
Buyers aspiring to the Exclusive level of cab operation and
refinement are, MF believes, likely to be more intensive
or larger-scale farming businesses for which enhanced
operator performance can carry through to the bottom
line. Features over and above the Efficient level include
cruise speed control, the Dual Control and Headland
Management System, and the presence of five electronic
spool valves. Exclusive models are also AgCommand-ready.
Versatility and
variety from 6700S
Massey Ferguson's 6700S Series comes in a variety of
options to suit the needs of individuals and businesses
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02/05/2018 07:38