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SlurryKat adds Hardox tine
shear grabs to range
A new range of shear grabs fitted with special Hardox tines that are described as
maintenance free have been launched by SlurryKat in Northern Ireland. This latest
innovation of a full Hardox tine grab is o ered as an alternative to the conventional forged
tine grab. The new Hardox ProCut range is available in working widths from , mm to the
bigger , mm grab. Prices start from , plus VAT.
Four-cylinder Arion range.
New generation of Arion 500 tractors
The four-cylinder Arion 500 range from Claas are
decribed as versatile, all-round tractors with a high level
of comfort and convenience which are equally suited
to field and grassland work, transport and front-loader
activities around the yard.
Claas has now introduced a new generation of this range,
which includes a new 125hp entry-level model and many
new features. These include the new CIS+ operating
system, the new CEBIS touchscreen terminal, updated
HexaShift and Cmatic transmission functions and the
Proactiv front axle suspension, newly developed by Claas.
Thanks to the CIS, new CIS+ and the new CEBIS Touch,
three different equipment options are now available for
models in the Arion 500 range for the first time.
All versions are available with a HexaShift powershift
transmission. Alternatively, the continuously variable
Cmatic transmission is also available, which can
be controlled using either the latest CEBIS Touch
terminal, or the new CIS+. The CIS version has been
kept deliberately simple with mechanical spool valves
and the CIS `A' pillar display, while CIS+ now enables
electronic spool valves and the option of the Cmatic
CVT transmission to be specified, without having to go
to the full CEBIS specification level. Both versions have
multifunction armrest with Drivestick to operate the
The CEBIS version features a fully redesigned CEBIS
terminal with 12-inch touch screen display.
Kubota presents new generation
of M7002 tractors
Kubota presented its new M7002 tractor, successor to
the well-known M7001 model, at this year's Agritechnica.
The large-scale upland farming tractor, with up to 170hp, has
greatly improved features and is easier to use, with better
customisation options and manoeuvrability, according to the
manufacturer. "The main innovation in this M7002 model
is the new six-speed powershift transmission, under load
in 30 / 15 or 54 / 27 if equipped with creeper. Some of its
specifications have also been improved, such as the increase
in maximum permissible weight to 11,500kg, offering a greater
payload, together with efficient engine performance focused
on increased power and lower fuel consumption. This all
increases the productivity of the tractor, which can be driven
at a speed of 50kmph. The tyre size range has been increased,
with the incorporation of 600 / 60 R28 sizes for the front axle
and 710 / 60 R38 for the rear axle, minimising compaction
and maximising traction," a company spokesperson said.
"Technology is another of the strengths of the new M7002
tractor, thanks to improvements in the operation of the main
joystick and the increased HMS header memory making work
notably easier.
"Autosteer has been optimised, giving it a new `nudge'
function, for example. Thanks to this, the driver can see the
distance from the set route in centimetres, and several HMS
settings can be created, up to a maximum of 20."
New shear grabs from
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