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Cryptosporidium is a
parasite which causes
scour by damaging the gut
lining of the calf. Usually
seen in the second week of
life, although infection can
start earlier, it destroys the
ability of the calf to absorb
It is highly infectious
through faeces within the
environment between
calves and it is notoriously
di cult, costly and time
consuming to cure.
Therefore, prevention is
more e ective than cure
when it comes to tackling
Cryptosporidium on farm.
Cork-based animal health
company, Nutri-Bio, have
introduced Immuboost
Cryptoguard which is
a complementary feed
for pre-weaned calves,
containing a novel blend
of polyphenols and
organic acids. According
to a spokesperson,
these actives have been
proven by independent
research to control
Cryptosporidium and
E.Coli and to reduce
the severity of infection
of these in calves; as
well as reducing the
permeability of the calf's
gut to infectious agents
and enhancing immune
function in the gut
mucosa. The product is
available in both liquid and
powder format, to ensure
ease of use in di erent
ages of calves.
Prestigious Plunkett
Award for Parsons
The outstanding lifelong contribution to the Irish
co-operative movement by Michael Parsons
(the former Chairman and a current director of
Kilkenny Co-operative Mart and a former director
of Glanbia Co-operative) has been recognised
nationally with the co-operative industry's
highest national honour - The Plunkett Award for
Co-operative Endeavour.
Presenting the award, ICOS (Irish Co-operative
Organisation Society) President Michael Spellman
said: "In an extraordinary, exemplary and lifelong
commitment to co-operative enterprise, Michael
Parsons has made an enormous contribution
to the success of Irish farming and our agri-
food industry. He has demonstrated leadership,
courage and a dynamic ability to motivate people
around the shared ambition of co-operation as a
driving influence for rural, regional and national
economic growth and development."
Michael Parsons was elected to the committee
of Kilkenny Co-operative Livestock Mart in 1992.
He was elected Vice-Chairman in 1998 and
Chairman in 2002 where served with distinction
until his retirement from this role in 2017 and he
remains on the Board. He has been a member of
the ICOS Marts Committee since 2003 to date.
He was a Board member of Glanbia Co-operative
from 2000 2009, prior to which he served as
a Glanbia local committee member from 1975
2015. He was also instrumental in driving the
development of the 20m new Kilkenny Mart at
Cillin Hill on the city outskirts of Kilkenny.
New report highlights importance
of Asia for Ireland's agri-food sector
A new report launched by Asia Matters and KPMG focuses on the opportunities
for the Irish agri-food industry in meeting future food supply demands in Asia as
the sector gears up to achieve targets of doubling agri exports globally by 2025.
The Strategic Importance of Asia for Ireland's Agri-food Sector looks at current
exporting trends from Ireland to Asia and future opportunities, the conditions
needed for Ireland to remain competitive and practical advice for businesses
seeking to establish or expand their presence in Asia.
The report states that as Asian countries advance to become the foremost
consumers of global food supply, Irish businesses across agriculture, food and
beverage, fisheries and fish processing industries have a unique opportunity to
leverage competitive advantages such as Ireland's reputable quality assurance
regimes, world class research capabilities, human capital and positive trading
relationships to gain further foothold in Asia.
Alan Dukes, Chairman, Asia Matters and former Minister for Agriculture stated:
"Understanding the future Asian demand for food is vital if Ireland is to succeed
in the rapidly evolving Asian markets. Ireland is well positioned to achieve
ambitious targets of almost doubling agri exports by 2025."