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MAY 2019
MAY 2019
Last month we heard the sad news of the passing of Aoife Lyons, the daughter of Alltech founder's Dr Pearse Lyons
and his wife Deirdre.
Aoife worked as Alltech's Director of educational initiatives and engagement. She was instrumental in fostering
educational opportunities in Alltech and in local communities around the globe, including the Alltech Young Scientist
competition. The `All' in Alltech name represents her initials - Aoife Louise Lyons.
Aoife was an adjunct professor at UCD, Dublin City University and Trinity College.
She had a great love of music which she shared with her late father, playing the violin from as early as five years of age.
Her love of music continued over the years, winning many competitions and accolades throughout her musical career.
We send our condolences to her mother Deirdre, her brother Mark and all the family.
May she Rest In Peace.
David Markey, IFP Media
Euro candidates have strong farming
High public profiles usually deliver in the Euros as the personal touch is not as
valuable in these far-flung constituencies as it is in local or Dáil elections and
the main political parties have some pretty impressive names on their candidate
lists. The farming community is probably more strongly represented in the
European Parliamentary elections than any other sector of society. Outside
of the Dublin constituency, farmers or agri-a liated candidates lead the field
with several in very strong positions to win or retain their seats. Fianna Fail are
running Billy Kelleher in the South constituency. While not actively farming, the
Fianna Fail front-bench TD is a farm owner with impeccable connections to the
farming community and should be a shoo-in. In the North-West constituency,
FF are lining out former Agriculture Minister Brendan Smith as their front
runner. He beat o former ICMSA president John Comer for the nomination
and should poll strongly. In the same constituency Fine Gael's Mairead
McGuinness is seen as the bookie's favourite. She has a strong track record as
an able parliamentarian and a defender of rural Ireland and may yet achieve her
ambition to become president of the European Parliament, provided she is re-
elected, of course! While Andrew Doyle, Minister of State at Agriculture, may be
seen as the Fine Gael `sweeper' in the South constituency, he is situated on the
populous east coast and could deliver a strong vote for the party.
Apart from the Wexford-based Mick Wallace, Doyle is the
highest profile candidate in the northern end of the South
constituency and should attract the farming vote. A number
of the independent candidates claim farming connections,
though Mick Wallace is clearly not one of them. Wallace has
blotted his copybook with dairy and beef farmers by stating
that "the meat and dairy herds are to Ireland what the coal
industry is to Poland and the fracking gas industry is to
the United States: namely, a short-sighted cash generator,
the expansion of which is undermining the chances of
survival of the planet." The outspoken independent
TD went on to say that the Origin Green farm
sustainability and quality assurance scheme is
"starting to look like a joke", adding that the dairy
and beef sectors need to be scaled back massively
if we are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
globally. Mick is obviously not prioritising farmer
support in his e orts to secure a Euro seat.
Macra CEO
back at his desk
We hear that the Macra Chief
Executive, Denis Duggan, is back
at work after nearly four months
out with a back injury. Denis has
been a real breath of air for Macra
since taking over three years ago.
Born in Tipperary, he has a MBA
from NUIG, and has qualifications
in sustainable rural development
and business studies. Formally
of Enterprise Ireland, Denis was
one of the organisers of the
innovation area at the ploughing.
Macra has over 8,000 members
across the country. It celebrates
75 years this year.
Founded by Stephen Cullinan,
the organization provides a
social outlet for members.
Macra has been involved in the
establishment of ICMSA, IFA
and IFAC. Almost one-third of
members are directly involved
in farming. Congrats on
reaching 75 years and continuing
to remain relevant to the wider