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A celebration of 40 years of Rauch in Ireland
In November, Cork Farm Machinery Ltd brought 20 dealers to the Rauch factory in Baden-Baden in Germany to
celebrate a 40-year partnership with Rauch. Founded in 1921, Rauch is into its third generation as a 100 per cent family-
owned business. Rauch has invested over 20m in its powder coating plant to give machines a better finish and over
4.5m in service and training centres to provide complete back-up and service to importers and distributors worldwide.
Cork Farm Machinery Ltd is also a family-owned business, selling farm machinery for over 45 years. Founded by Frank
Crowley in 1967, Cork Farm Machinery has grown to be one of the largest machinery suppliers in the country. After Frank
retired in 2004, Frank's daughter, Rosario Crowley, took over the running of the business. The joining of Rauch and Cork
Farm Machinery all those years ago wasn't just two companies doing business but a marriage between two families with
the same view: give the end user quality farm machinery, and it will stand the test of time.
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Pictured in front of the Rauch factory in Baden-Baden with Cork Farm Machinery sta and Rauch sta
are the Irish dealer network, all of whom have had a long association with Rauch products.
Lawrence Jordan, McHale Farm Machinery, Athenry, Co Galway; DJ Kelleher, Cork Farm
Machinery Ltd, showing the benefits of the double-coated two-pack paint system
used on all Rauch spreaders the paint used makes for better-quality machines,
while tougher, more durable surfaces see machines lasting longer; Henry Buckley,
Buckley Agri Listowel, Co Kerry; and Noel Delaney, Delaney Agri Machinery, Co Laois.
Wilfried Muller, managing director, Rauch Germany; Rosario Crowley, managing director, Cork
Farm Machinery Ltd; and Elke Pankow, export sales director, Rauch. Rosario was presented
with a special engraved plate to mark the -year partnership with Rauch. Speaking at the
celebration dinner, Wilfried Muller spoke at length about the excellent relationship that
Rauch has with Cork Farm Machinery and, with over , units sold in Ireland over the past
years, he thanked the dealer network for its hard work and commitment to the brand.
Michael McCarthy and Killian Gri iths from Cork Farm Machinery Ltd
in front of the very popular Axis M spreader. This spreader has been
the backbone of the business over the years, along with the Rauch
MDS. With the spreading of fertiliser becoming more important and
farmers and contractors watching costs, fertiliser spreaders have
become more technical. Rauch can o er a simple spreader or a GPS-
controlled system for precise and accurate spreading.
Irish dealers take a look at the high-spec Rauch Axent spreader.
This machine is hydraulically driven for high-precision spreading,
Isobus ready, and is also suitable for lime spreading. Some
machines have already been sold in Ireland. This machine will
prove popular with contractors and large-scale farmers.
Axis M spreaders lining up for the paint shop.
Each machine is checked at di erent stages of
production to ensure better build quality, ensuring
a better end result and a better quality of machine
for the farmer.
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