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Ploughing 2018 Focus
traditional methods of establishing crops."
Fred does admit to a few potential drawbacks: "Some
weed resistance has been identified, and that could create
problems. We do have to spray three times during the
summer when the ground is in fallow for weed control."
With only 11 inches of rainfall, the fallow system, with crops
grown every other year, is the most practical system of grain
growing in this region of Oregon. It minimises soil erosion,
conserves moisture and maintains soil fertility and soil
Premium priced wheat
Jon reckons that yields have at least been maintained, if not
improved, since the introduction of the no-till system. This
year, the expectation is that the wheat crops would yield
between 40 and 50 bushels per acre. This is equivalent to 1.1
to 1.4 tonnes per acre. Ninety per cent of the wheat grown
in Oregon is exported to Egypt and the Far East, including
Japan and Korea. The premium-priced, low-protein wheat
is particularly suited for making unleavened bread. This
is the direct opposite to the red wheat grown in the Mid-
Western States where they specialise in growing high-protein
breadmaking wheat.
Set-aside, US style
Considerable acreages in Oregon come under a special
government programme known as the Conservation Reserve
Program (CRP) or soil bank initiative. Under the programme,
the government pays farmers to take certain agriculturally
used croplands out of production and convert them to
vegetative cover, such as cultivated or
native grasslands, wildlife and pollinators,
food and shelter plantings, windbreak and
shade trees, filter and buffer strips. The
purpose is to reduce land erosion, improve
water quality and effect wildlife benefits.
Jon explains the underlying rationale for
the programme: "It ensures soil fertility
for future generations. Most of our soils in
Oregon have to be rested at some stage.
The government rental programme allows
that to happen. It's a wonderful system that
has also allowed us to manage supply and
demand when there are surpluses on the
market. It started way back in president
Franklin Roosevelt's time when soil erosion
was a major problem. The current version
is in place for the past 30 years. The proof
of its success can be seen from the return
of wildlife to CRP areas. Water quality has
also improved with big increases in salmon
and steelhead stocks in the rivers and
lakes. This has allowed farmers, including
ourselves, to develop tourism facilities
based around hunting and fishing pursuits."
Rural America in decline
The degradation of many rural
communities in Oregon and the US in
general is quite obvious.
As a former candidate for governor of
Oregon, this is something that is close
to Jon's heart: "Some of it is down to
technology. On farms, one operator can
now do so much work that there is a need
for far fewer people to work on farms. In
other industries, it's the same story. In
mining, it now takes 300 men to do the
work previously undertaken by 10,000.
Lumber is the same. Those are all jobs lost
to rural America."
The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine,
Michael Creed T.D.
and Minister of State
Andrew Doyle T.D.
invite you to visit the Department's stand at
at the National Ploughing Championships.
Sta from the Department will be available to assist with
your queries on a wide range of the Department's
schemes and services.
Twitter: @agriculture_ie
BLOCK 3, ROW 14, STAND 294
Nissan's new Leaf
Nissan's entire passenger, commercial and electric vehicle
range will be on show with a special focus on the new
Nissan Leaf, which o ers a higher battery capacity, new
styling and advanced technologies including Pro Pilot and
the Nissan e-Pedal function, that allows drivers to start
from a standstill, accelerate and brake, and even bring the
car to a controlled stop by using the throttle pedal.
On site, the Nissan stand will be split up into the following zones:
EV, Passenger, LCV and Aftersales. They will also be showcasing the
New Nissan Leaf Pro Pilot parking challenge for anyone who wants
to try it!! Away from their impressive range of vehicles, Nissan will
also have their popular Nissan Generation Next Ambassadors on
site, sampling their fantastic produce. For football fans, there will
be UEFA Champions League activities and competitions on site.
The new Leaf o ers higher battery capacity.
Opel presents a
host of commercial
The latest Opel models will be on
display such as the new Combo
Life passenger van and the latest
addition to the Opel SUV line up,
the Grandland X. The Insignia
Grand Sport, Astra Tourer and best-
selling Mokka X models will also be
available to view, along with a host
of Opel commercial vehicles such
as the Movano Tipper and Box
body vans. Attendees can check
out these models at the stand,
speak to an Opel advisor for further
information, plus book in for a test
drive at their local Opel dealership.
Attendees will also be able to
register their interest for the
Combo Life, which will go on sale
at Opel dealerships nationwide in
October 2018.
The latest addition to the Opel SUV line-up,
the Grandland X.
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Ploughing 2018
Nissan's new Leaf
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