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MAY 2018
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BPS 2018 join the 114,000
farmers who applied online
last year
If you want to apply for the Basic Payment Scheme or transfer entitlements in 2018,
you must do so online. The process is quick and simple, and has a range of benefits
for farmers.
How do I apply online?
The Department's online application system is currently open for BPS applications
and transfers of entitlements. You can submit your application yourself, or through
an authorised agricultural advisor.
Log on to for more information
and to start your application.

If you require assistance logging on to or
registering for
please contact 0761 064424.
Brought to you by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine on behalf of
the Government of Ireland
Using the Department's online
facility can be beneficial for you!
You can now apply for a range of the Department's Schemes online and avail of the
many benefits simply by applying on
Apply online for your BPS and other scheme payments
Register your calf births
Record Animal Events
Update your contact details (mobile/e-mail/eircode)
View and maintain your herd profile
Help-assisted form filing
Elimination of errors at start avoids delays
Securely view your financial statements
Works with farm management software
For more information go to
or call Online Services Helpdesk at 0741 064424.
114,000 farmers are
now online, are you?
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