Progressing pig production

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Pig farmers need veterinary input in order to minimise the impact of endemic diseases on their farms, according to Allison Kirwan, President of the Irish Pig Health Society (IPHS).

Speaking at the recent IPHS Symposium, ‘Progressing Pig Production’, Allison pointed out that in order to progress their production, Irish farmers need to pay greater attention to internal bio-security “using veterinary input and laboratory submissions to correctly diagnose the diseases that are present on their farms, and then selecting the most appropriate vaccination or treatment regime to suit those diseases present”.
She added: “On the disease front, there is major concern about the accidental importation of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus (PEDv), a virus that is currently sweeping the Americas and Asia, causing devastation on affected units, with early mortality of up to 80 per cent, widespread diarrhoea and with no effective commercial treatment or vaccination available.”