Six-cylinder power from McCormick X7.650

Inside the Premiere cab, controls for the transmission, PTO and hydraulics are located on a new side console with levers for the three mechanical spool valves fitted as standard angled towards the driver.

According to McCormick, the X7.650 has taken the X7 Series six-pot package further down the performance scale with a lower-power version of the highly-rated FPT Industrial 6.7L engine – badged ‘McCormick Betapower’ in this case.
It develops 152hp at 2,200rpm rated speed but the power curve continues to rise as revs are pulled down under load, peaking at 160hp with 1,900rpm on the clock, while maximum torque of 676Nm is reached at 1,500rpm.
“These characteristics can be exploited by shifting up to load the engine for maximum power, knowing that increasing reserves of torque remain available to pull the tractor through tough areas of soil when ploughing or cultivating, or to climb an incline with trailed or power take-off (PTO)-driven equipment,” a spokesperson for McCormick said.
“There is no electronically-induced ‘power boost’ for PTO-driven implements and transport work, so what you see is what you get for all applications – from mowing and raking to hauling muck and slurry.
“The four-cylinder X7.450 tractor, with the same power and torque, will tick the boxes if compact size and lighter weight are attractive but many operators like the characteristics of a six-cylinder tractor – not least the appealing ‘thrum’ of the engine.”
Practical attributes of the X7.650 include a wheelbase that’s longer by 150mm and a base weight that is 410kg up on the four-pot machine, thanks to the bigger engine and a cast chassis. Both add stability for operating heavy-mounted implements, the company says, so the six-cylinder is the better choice for a five-furrow plough or substantial cultivator.
The spokesperson continued: “Having established that the X7.650 is in territory familiar to the many farmers and contractors who run MTX and XTX ‘Doncaster’ tractors, the same can also be said of equipment levels when the newcomer is taken in its ‘Efficient’ format.”
This reduced-specification level was introduced to broaden the appeal of the X7 Series after the original models were pitched at owners and drivers wanting greater levels of automation – including guidance – and fingertip operation of hydraulic and other functions from the comfort of a seat-mounted console.
The X7.650 Efficient comes with three hydraulic spool valve levers that are moved and modulated by hand, complemented by electronic rear hitch and transmission controls that are all mounted on a right-hand console.
A fourth but electrically operated valve is optional, operated from the multifunctional controller used for the transmission, and also two mid-valves for fully integrated light-touch joystick operation of a McCormick MClassic or MPower loader.
Transmission thumb buttons are used to shift without clutching through the six ranges and four speeds of a ZF-built transmission.
Shift response and that of the power shuttle are adjustable to suit different applications and driver preferences.
Creep speeds can be added and, with fuel economy in mind, a four-speed PTO package is standard, providing ‘power’ and ‘economy’ gearing to suit different applications.
The spokesperson concluded: “Definitely a tractor to consider for the short-list and one that a test drive will doubtless reveal a comfortable and attractive package in several respects.”