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New small seeds kit increases drilling precision on Tempo

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V├Ąderstad has launched a new small seeds kit for its Tempo high-speed precision drill to include crops such as oilseed rape and sugar beet.

The small seeds kit will be available for all new Tempo drills from the four-row Tempo R4 up to the 18-row Tempo R 18, and it can be retrofitted to existing drills already on farm. Planting a small-seeded crop at shallow depth requires the planter to be very gentle to the seed. The main components of the small seeds kit include suspended stop wheels and the ability to adjust the angle of the closing wheels. The pressure on the stop wheel can be altered to optimise seed-to-soil contact when the seed leaves the seed tube. The angle of the closing wheels can also be adjusted with a lever on each row unit, to ensure the seed trench closes properly when drilling at a shallow depth. The Tempo small seeds kit will be in production from February 2018.