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Farmers entitled to illness benefit if affected by COVID-19

IFA Farm Family & Social Affairs Chair Caroline Farrell has welcomed changes that mean farmers and other self-employed, if diagnosed with COVID-19 or are suspected of having COVID-19, will be entitled to income support.
“The enhanced Illness Benefit announced by the Government means farmer will be entitled to €305 per week for a maximum of two weeks if they are medically required to self-isolate,” she said.

Mrs. Farrell said if your GP diagnoses you with COVID-19 or you are medically certified to self-isolate, you can apply for Illness Benefit. The current six-day waiting period for Illness Benefit will not apply. She encouraged farm families to heed the public health advice and noted that anybody concerned that they have symptoms should phone their local GP.

Meanwhile, IFA President Tim Cullinan has said a collective effort will be needed to deal with the challenge of COVID-19.

“We support the measures and the agricultural community will play its part, as it always has, with others to keep the supply chain operating,” he said.

In line with the Government announcement, IFA will suspend all meetings at branch, county and national level until March 29th.