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Extension to closing date for Nitrates Derogation Applications 2020

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, TD, has announced a short extension to the closing date for 2020 Nitrates Derogation Applications.
Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine

The closing date is now extended to Friday 24th April. This decision has been taken following consultation with stakeholders and facilitates farmers better plan for the year ahead.

Applications, as in previous years, must be submitted to the Department using the on-line portal, www.agfood.ie . Farmers are advised to contact their agricultural advisor, by phone or e-mail, to determine if they should avail of this facility.

Over 6,800 intensively stocked farmers availed of the derogation in 2019. ‘I would encourage more intensively stocked farmers to engage with this application process and discuss the need for a derogation with their agricultural advisor by phone’, the Minister added.

The online system is aimed at simplifying the application process and assisting farmers to avoid penalties. Farmers can also remain compliant with the Regulations by managing their livestock, exporting enough slurry/farmyard manure or renting additional land.

Farmers not already registered for agfood.ie can do so by logging onto www.agfood.ie and clicking the 'Register' button. More information is available on the Department’s website.

Finally, Minister Creed urged all those in the sector to continue to take all precautions necessary and follow the HSE guidelines regarding coronavirus.