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Norbrook® launches Solantel Pour-On®

Solantel Pour-on is the first single-active, pour-on flukicide for cattle to be licensed in the UK and Ireland.

Maura Langan, Veterinary Advisor for Norbrook

Solantel Pour-on contains 200mg/ml closantel and is licensed for the treatment of late immature (>7 weeks) and adult Fasciola hepatica (liver fluke) infestations in cattle.

Brendan McVeigh, Regional Head of Sales and Marketing Norbrook Ireland explains: “Norbrook is delighted to be launching this unique product into the Irish market. Solantel Pour-on provides an effective, stress-free, easy to use option for cattle that only require a fluke treatment. It joins our well-established and extensive range of fluke and worm products such as Closamectin, Solantel Sheep Drench and Taurador.” 

Maura Langan, Veterinary Advisor for Norbrook, says Solantel Pour-On can be incorporated into many herd health plans and offers a much-needed additional flukicide option for prescribers and farmers alike. “Liver fluke is a widespread problem in Ireland and has significant impact on the welfare and productivity of cattle. Concerns around anthelmintic resistance mean that the industry is adopting more responsible approach to parasite treatment, so a stand-alone fluke treatment containing closantel, which has no known resistance in Ireland will be a valuable option for many.”

Solantel Pour-On has a meat withdrawal of 63 days and is suitable for use in dairy replacements up until the second half of pregnancy. Solantel Pour-On for Cattle is available in three different pack sizes (1L; 2.5L and 5L) and an appropriate dosing applicator is also available.