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Tricked Out Tractors returns to screens

BBC Northern Ireland's highly successful motoring series, Tricked Out Tractors is back. Master Mechanic Tylor Cartin, Restoration Guru Stephen Lennon and Machinery Specialist Darren Bailey are once again on a mission to find and restore some of the most sought-after tractors around.

Following on from Series one, the Tricked Out Tractors family continues to restore beloved vintage tractor models; build custom, one-of-a-kind monster machines; and craft bespoke rebuilds. Together the trio of petrol heads, Tylor, Stephen and Darren have been working on even more complicated tractor builds, ground-up restorations with cutting edge designs, in this exciting and much loved resto-mod series.

From an American eight-wheel tractor, to an eclectic ‘70s paint job, to one of the first Lamborghini models produced, the TOT workshop once again, has been graced with some of the most sought after tractors around. From restorations to pimped out machines featuring state of the art Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi and the latest over the top creature comforts, to full-blown, big engine rebuilds of monster tractors, Tricked Out OCT 2021 Tractors will reveal some jaw-dropping creations you would least expect to see in the farmyard, as the team tackle mechanical mess-ups and major makeovers.

The first episode of the second series made by Green Inc, for BBC Northern Ireland was broadcast earlier this week and is available on the BBC iPlayer.