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Save Irish Farming Convoy

This Sunday, 21st November, IFA is holding a Save Irish Farming Convoy in Dublin city centre.

According to IFA, the convoy is being held to highlight how the current Government is pursuing policies that IFA believes will decimate Ireland's largest indigenous sector. IFA President Tim Cullinan will lead the convoy.

Commenting, the IFA President said: “Farm families are genuinely fearful about what the future holds. We hear all of these high-level targets being announced, but we have no clarity about what this will mean at farm level.  Farmers are very conscious of the climate challenge and the need for farmers to play their part. But it can’t decimate our incomes. It must provide a future that is economically and socially sustainable, as well as being environmentally sustainable”.

“Recent Government policy proposals, including those on the CAP, are all about reducing production and adding cost. The Government needs to come forward with a proper plan, with proper funding behind it,” he added.

The event has been modified to focus on tractors and machinery, given the current Covid-19 situation.