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Kerrygold celebrates 60 years of success

Ornua’s latest annual report marked the diamond anniversary of the iconic brand.

It’s hard to believe that it was launched in 1962, and that it would become such an internationally renowned food brand for Ireland. Created by Tony O’Reilly and launched in Manchester, it later became available in London, and in 1964 Kerrygold began exporting to overseas markets.  The Kerrygold product was not available in Ireland until 1973, the year we joined the then European Economic Community (now the EU). Tony O’Reilly deserves enormous credit for developing the brand and helping to make it what it is today. You will still pay a premium for Kerrygold across Europe and Kerrygold is still the number-one butter brand in Germany. Today the brand sells 11 million packets of butter and cheese globally every week, a credit to the hardworking team of 3,000 at Ornua. Happy birthday, Kerrygold.