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FTMTA show to feature Amazone’s new seed-drill combination

The new Generation Amazone Avant 02 seed drill combinations will be on display at the upcoming FTMTA Farm Machinery Show.

So, expect to see the FTender front-mounted tank and the latest generation power harrows equipped with the new TwinTeC double disc coulters, according to Irish distributor, Farmhand. The rigid Avant 02 seed rails can be mounted on the KG 01 power harrows, and the working width range extends from the rigid 3m and 4m, up to the folding 4m, 5m and 6m.

The new KG 02-2 power harrow provides the basis for a perfect seed bed. The 3.3 tine carriers, per metre of working width, till the soil intensively as well as thoroughly incorporating any organic matter during the mulch sowing process, according to Farmhand. The levelling board is now guided by the roller, so that the tines of the levelling board do not need to be adjusted as the working depth varies. A wide range of packer rollers are available, but the wedge ring roller has proven to be the most popular roller to suit changeable Irish conditions.

The TwinTeC double disc coulters are mounted by the seed rail onto the active soil tillage tool with roller. The TwinTeC coulter is offered with a row spacing of 15cm. The maintenance-free, TwinTeC coulters run very smoothly through the soil at a coulter pressure of up to 60kg/coulter and place the seed precisely. The working depth of the parallel-guided coulter can be adjusted independently of the coulter pressure. The placement depth is determined by the depth guidance rollers.

The hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment allows very rapid and convenient reaction to varying soil conditions. If a pre-cultivation with the rotary cultivator is necessary on a headland, the coulters can also be completely lifted up using the hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment. The power harrow with roller can also be uncoupled from the seed rail when needed for solo seedbed preparation. The after harrow on the coulter ensures excellent seed coverage, and with the clever design ensures an extremely long wearing life and it can be set to one of five height positions and if it is not needed, it can be deactivated in the park position.

On the 3m and 4m Avant, the seed travels from the FTender front mounted tank via a single conveying system whereas, on the 5m and 6m Avant, it is via a double conveying system, to the segmented distributor head, or heads. The distribution head is mounted directly above the coulters, resulting in a short and steep line of transfer between the distribution heads and the coulters. Electrical one-sided switching is also possible in the Avant.

Isobus machine control

The machine control of the Avant is by Isobus. The software has been developed internally by Amazone and facilitates intuitive operation of the Avant. The easily comprehensible symbols and freely programmable buttons can be used to adapt the interface of the operating terminal to the requirements of the user. Control of the seed drill combination can be performed either by the AmaTron 4 or AmaPad 2 Isobus terminals from Amazone, or by any other Isobus terminal from another manufacturer.