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JCB launches zero-emission compact electric loader

JCB is adding to its growing range of E-Tech products with the introduction of an ultra-compact wheeled loader powered solely by electricity

The low noise and zero-emission 403E compact electric loader is ideal for work in livestock buildings, glasshouses and alongside farm and horticultural staff, the company says. The machine boasts the largest standard battery pack in its class, with 20kWh capacity. This provides productivity that matches the popular 403 diesel model, capable of completing a full working day, or four to five hours of continuous use in a mixed-duty cycle.
In common with the JCB E-Tech range, the 403E has a built-in charger that allows connection to a range of on-site power sources. A 110V socket will fully charge the batteries in 12 hours, while a 230V industrial or domestic plug will charge the battery pack in just eight hours. JCB’s off-board rapid charger delivers a full charge from a three-phase supply in just two hours.
The machine is equipped with two independent electric motors, one for the driveline and one for the hydraulics. The drive motor offers 33.4kW of power and comes with three driving modes that the operator can toggle between, using two buttons on top of the joystick. 

  • Hare mode has a maximum drive speed of 20km/h for the most dynamic performance and productivity.
  • Tortoise mode is limited to 8km/h for improved speed modulation. This contributes to increased battery life with no compromise on lifting performance. 
  • Snail mode has a 5km/h maximum speed, that can be adjusted in 5km/h increments through a new rotary controller and the multifunction display. This delivers precise speed control for precision driving and inching. 

Drive is transmitted through an integrated drop-box to ZF axles that can be supplied with open differentials or with differential locks for maximum traction. The loader is offered with a choice of narrow or wide wheels, plus the option of agricultural or industrial tyres, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Productive loader

Carried over from the 403 diesel model, the loader arms are available in standard and high-lift configurations. The standard lift arms deliver a pin height of 2.9m, while the high-lift model achieves a 3.1m pin height. Both loader arm set-ups come with a hydraulic quick hitch as standard, and the loader arms provide true parallel lift. The 403E offers a tipping load of 972kg with pallet forks, within a transport weight of just 2,671kg. This puts the 403E within EU trailer towable standards, making it an ideal machine for use on farms with more than one set of buildings, as well as for contracting, landscaping, fencing and other related activities. A heavy-duty counterweight is available as an option, increasing the tipping load by 118kg and the transport weight by 121kg. The machine has a single joystick with a proportional auxiliary controller on top. An optional second auxiliary roller can be provided, allowing the operator to access all loader functions from one lever for faster operation.
The machine has a 20kW high efficiency hydraulic pump motor, and the hydraulic system offers two operating modes, controlled by a rocker switch on the main console. Shovel/bucket mode provides dynamic response, while the fork mode delivers increased precision control. A programmable constant flow auxiliary feature is also standard, to power motorised attachments such as, bedding spreaders used in cubicle houses or open yards, hay and silage bale processors, and yard sweepers, with the operator setting the flow rate through the main display and rotary controller.
The 403E is offered with a fixed or folding canopy initially, with a fully glazed cab as an alternative from quarter three in 2023. There is a new multifunction digital display, controlled by the rotary controller to the right of the loader joystick. The operator can use the rotary controller to set auxiliary hydraulic flow rates, inching travel speeds and other settings within the display. The monitor also provides all critical machine operating data, including driving mode, state of battery charge and travel speed.
The wheeled loader joins a rapidly growing range of full electric machinery within the JCB line-up, including the 2.5 tonne, 6m lift Loadall 525-60E telescopic handler, which also mirrors the capabilities of its diesel-engine counterpart while providing zero-emission performance at the point of use.