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€15m campaign to drive dairy export growth

Bord Bia has embarked on a campaign to drive €15m in dairy export growth to Malaysia and the Philippines as part of a Government-led trade mission this week, which will also see Bord Bia host two dairy trade seminars.
Minister Heydon in Kuala Lumpur opening a dairy seminar organised by Bord Bia as part of an EU co funded campaign.

The ‘European Dairy – Ireland, working with nature’ campaign, which promotes dairy from Ireland in South East Asia, is also aiming to target 10,000 Asian buyers in Malaysia and the Philippines. The campaign will see Asian buyers from Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines visit Irish dairy farms and processers. This is part of a wider campaign which was launched in 2022 in Japan and Vietnam. Bord Bia co-funds the campaign with the European Union.
Speaking at the launch in Malaysia, Minister of State with responsibility for Research and Development, Farm Safety, and New Market Development, Martin Heydon said: “Bord Bia has been awarded the opportunity, by the European Commission, to promote European and Irish dairy in Southeast Asia over a three-year period from 2022-2024. This is in recognition of the grass-fed and sustainable nature of Irish dairy production and the market demand dynamics at play in the Southeast Asia region. As a result of the campaign investment of €3.2m across the five countries, Irish dairy exports are forecast to grow by nearly €60m in South East Asia by 2025.  This campaign is aligned with the goals of the Irish agri-food sector's Food Vision 2030 strategy.”
Malaysia and the Philippines have been identified by the Irish government as high-growth potential markets for dairy in Bord Bia’s Prioritising Markets - Opportunities for Growth study. Bord Bia’s market specialist, EU programmes Asia, Jack Hogan, said: “Irish dairy exporters and Bord Bia have long recognised the importance of Malaysia and the Philippines as growth markets for sustainable dairy ingredients. Through these campaigns, we can work together to strengthen the business relationships Irish dairy exporters have formed with stakeholders in Malaysia and the Philippines and nurture new ones well into the future. Through this campaign we hope to drive €15m in dairy export growth to Malaysia and the Philippines.”
The EU dairy campaign, which was officially launched in April 2022, surpassed its halfway point in October. In the last year Bord Bia has attended three international trade shows and conducted eight technical dairy seminars including one held in the Philippines in March, which offered expert insights on how quality, safety and sustainability are at the heart of dairy production in Ireland and Europe.
Bord Bia’s recent Future of Dairy in South East Asia report shows that the population of South East Asia is predicted to grow by a further 100 million by 2050, with 20 per cent of this set to be over the age of 65.
Bord Bia’s market specialist for South East Asia and based in Bord Bia’s Singapore office, Patrick Lim, said: “We know from our market intelligence that there will be an increased demand for adult dairy nutrition in the region in the coming years, representing an opportunity for Irish dairy exporters to grow their operations in these markets. We look forward to utilising this EU campaign to complement Bord Bia’s suite of activities in Malaysia and the Philippines to raise awareness of premium, sustainably produced dairy ingredients from Ireland. Under this EU campaign, awareness of European dairy is forecasted to grow by 15 per cent in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines by 2025.”