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Lakeland increases milk price for January

Lakeland Dairies has increased the price for milk supplied in January. This is the second consecutive month that it has upped the price paid to farmers.

A base price of 38.90c/L (3.6 per cent butterfat and 3.3 per cent protein) will be paid for January milk in the Republic of Ireland. The base price has increased by 1.75c/L including the new 0.5c/L Sustainability Incentive Payment. All suppliers will automatically receive a 1c/L early-calving bonus and will also receive an unconditional 1c/L Input Support Payment to assist farmers with costs during a challenging winter period. Overall, the price has increased by 2.75c/L and the base is now 40.90c/L. Meanwhile, qualifying farmers will also receive a 5c/L out-of-season payment. 
In Northern Ireland (NI), a base price of 31.75p/L will be paid for milk supplied in January. The base price has increased by 1.5p/L including the new 0.5p/L Sustainability Incentive Payment. All NI suppliers are also automatically receiving the unconditional 1p/l Input Support Payment to give an all-in price increase of 2.5p/L to a base of 32.75p/L.