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Public consultation opens on National Biomethane Strategy

A public consultation to guide the development of the National Biomethane Strategy opened this week, asking for stakeholders’ views on the draft National Biomethane Strategy and how it is customised to an Irish perspective.

The draft National Biomethane Strategy’s objective is to deliver on the ambitious target set by the Government as part of the agreement on the sectoral emissions ceilings. The ambition is to scale up indigenously produced biomethane to 5.7 TWh per annum by 2030. This is the equivalent of approximately 10 per cent of Ireland’s current overall gas demand. The contribution that biomethane could make to gas supply in Ireland would help to diversify sources of gas and improve energy security.
Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue and Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan launched the public consultation. Minister McConologue said it was a ‘significant step in delivering on our ambitious targets’.
“The development of an indigenous biomethane industry will provide diversification opportunities for livestock farmers, reduced emissions from animal wastes, biobased fertiliser that will replace chemical fertiliser as well as a unique opportunity to improve water quality in Ireland. I look forward to hearing peoples’ views on the draft strategy.”
Minister Ryan said: “The National Biomethane Strategy will be agri-led and farmer-centric, with a focus on the supply of sustainable feedstocks. In doing so, we will look to ensure the protection of our biodiversity and water quality, align with circular bioeconomy development and through reductions in greenhouse gases, contribute positively to the sectoral emissions ceiling for agriculture, as well as to the decarbonisation of Ireland’s energy mix. The increased availability of an indigenous, renewable gas in Ireland will also assist in the long-term security of our energy system.”
The public consultation builds on analysis and engagement already undertaken. Discussions were held with circa 60 consultees across 36 groups to hear their expert views on the development of a biomethane industry in Ireland. These stakeholder consultee meetings informed the initial draft strategy and input is now sought from interested parties on the proposals and recommendations outlined, in order to fully inform the final design of the strategy.
The consultation is open until 27 February 2024. The draft National Biomethane Strategy and consultation survey details are available on (Consultation on the Draft National Biomethane Strategy). This will inform the final strategy, which will be published at the end of Q1 2024, according to Minister McConologue.